Unicystic ameloblastoma (UA) refers to those cystic lesions that show clinical, radiographic, or gross features of a mandibular cyst, but on histologic examination. A clinicopathological study of 57 unicystic ameloblastomas has been undertaken, which represents 15% of all cases of ameloblastoma accessioned in our. 21 Jun Mandible / maxilla – Benign tumors / tumor-like conditions: ameloblastoma – unicystic variant.

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Surgical removal of the lesion was performed, with differential diagnosis of a radicular cyst.

The most commonly encountered are ameloblastomas, radicular cysts, DCs, OKCs, central giant cell granulomas, fibro-osseous lesions and osteomas. Our case study had a peculiar radiographic presentation of multilocular radiolucency crossing the midline of the mandible. It was nonpulsatile and noncompressible, and no discharge was present. A nobel diagnostic approach.

The term ameloblastoma includes several clinicoradiological and histological types. Cystic ameloblastoma-behavior and treatment of 21 cases.

Overlying skin was normal; no visible pulsations and no discharge were seen. Clinical and radiologic behaviour of ameloblastoma in 4 cases.

Open in a separate window. Dentigerous cyst versus unicystic ameloblastoma: Orthopantamograph showing a well-defined multilocular lesion on right angle — ramus region. The aspirate was sent for pathological evaluation and the report stated it to be a cystic fluid with inflammatory exudates, confirming the clinical and radiographic diagnosis of radicular cyst in association with root stumps of In a clinicopathologic study of 57 cases of UAAckermann[ 7 ] classified this entity into three histologic groups:.


On needle aspiration, brown yellow fluid was aspirated. Cystic unicysticsolid multicysticand peripheral. Moreover, the cytological examination of aspirate taken during initial clinical examination showed normal cystic fluid with few inflammatory cells.

Differential diagnosis in routine histology.

A lateral cephalogram reveals a clear multilocular radiolucency with septae formation Figure 5. Displacements of teeth irt 35, 34, 32, 31, 41, 42, and 43 were seen, with root resorption of 36 Figure 4.

CT amelooblastoma Axial view Body and ramus of mandible just above the level of occlusal plane. J Clin Diagn Res. Recurrence related to treatment modalities of unicystic ameloblastoma: Arch Pathol Lab Med ; Hence, the Pathologist should examine the tissue sections carefully ameliblastoma an attempt to determine whether ameloblastoma has penetrated the wall of the cyst or not so that the complications can be minimized.

Am J Surg Pathol ; Mandibular unicystix view reveals impacted 33 and expansion of lingual cortical plates irt 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36 and mild expansion of buccal cortical plate Figure 3.

Unicystic ameloblastoma of the mandible

Patient was apparently well 3 months back and noticed a swelling and displacement of teeth in the left lower front tooth region and reports of having pain in the same region, for 3 months.

Based on fluctuant consistency and positive aspiration all the multilocular lesions have been ruled out. However, Gardner has pointed out that there is a difference in biological behaviour between those lesions that are simply cystic or show intraluminal proliferation and those in which the epithelium penetrated and breaches the fibrous wall, therefore having the capacity to invade the cancellous bone.

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A diagnostic problem in dentigerous cysts. An ideal treatment method for mandibular ameloblastoma.

Unicystic ameloblastoma of the mandible

However, when the tumor is not associated with an unerupted tooth, the gender ratio is reversed to a male to female ratio of 1: J Am Dent Assoc ; A prognostically distinct entity. UCA is usually asymptomatic, although a large tumor may cause painless swelling of the jaws with facial asymmetry [ 9 ]. This preponderance is predominantly marked for the dentigerous variant, where the unilocular to multilocular ratio is 4. Till now no recurrence has been seen and patient is still regularly being followed up.

Medical University Unicyztic K. A case report and review of the literature. Histologically, the minimum criteria for diagnosing a lesion as UA is the demonstration of a single cystic sac lined by odontogenic ameloblastomatous epithelium often seen only in focal areas.