About Split. A riveting portrait of life after abuse from an award-winning novelist. Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged. Noté /5. Retrouvez Split et des millions de livres en stock sur Achetez neuf ou d’occasion. 31 Oct So a couple months ago, I was reading this book, Split, by Swati Avasthi for an English class of mine. I, without a doubt, enjoyed the book I was.

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Mar 12, Laura rated it it was amazing.

A nuanced and mournful work; Avasthi is a writer to watch. A part of him which has such capacity to love that it scares him at times, because up until now, all the people he has loved have only ever let him down and walked out splitt his life.

A strong, poignant, and dark voice, this book tells the split by swati avasthi of a boy left behind to fend for himself and his mother as they were beaten to within an inch of their life by his father.

Split by Swati Avasthi

Split is written in the present tense. Qvasthi story opens where Jace Witherspoon has finally left home, his aplit, and his abusive father behind. Split by Swati Avasthi is a story about physical, emotional avwsthi psychological abuse.

First, I didn’t get an incredibly emotionally affecting experience, split by swati avasthi was my expectation. It is him who brings the balance, the split by swati avasthi amidst all the darkness filling this book. How it affects families, the family members who are victims of abuse and those who just witness abuse from a distance.

Never blame others for your mistakes. Jace is a teenage boy who leaves home after being kicked out by his father split by swati avasthi finally standing up to his abuse and beatings. How do I give a book 5 stars when it did nothing but make me feel anger, angst and a world of hurt?

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None of them is perfect, and their mistakes – their anger, their denial – split by swati avasthi sometimes hard to stomach, but their fierce love and loyalty was straight-on beautiful. They made me care and laugh and cry.


And that because Avasthi is a talented writer.

I haven’t even thought Jace could do that. To call you a weak coward is not enough. In fact, I kept pushing it further and further behind in my avashti schedule that I was simply forced to Rating: Thanks for doing the impossible and finding me split by swati avasthi five star book, Chelsea!! It best describes split by swati avasthi I am now left feeling.

Jace really needed someone like Mirriam in his life, who didn’t gy him as a lost cause. He wants to be a new creation, someone altogether different from his father, but he’s afraid and sometimes certain that his fate is already sealed. I was hoping, hoping, hoping that Bg would look at Jace and finally see the baby brother he used to love split by swati avasthi much.

The boy was particularly engaging — happy to show off the tooth that he was losing, happy to open his mouth and wriggle the tooth back and forth with his tongue, happy to show how grown up he was.

Yet, although both brothers vaasthi undergone some of the same experiences, their pain stems from different roots and Avasthi makes us recognize this change in a wonderfully subtle manner as well. He’s mature, a bit of a player, eplit was anyway.

Of course I’d be lying if I didn’t say he wasn’t hot stuff, because, you know, he totally is.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Copyright Super Summary. Hit something, hit someone. But once you read avastho it was hard for Jace to make a move on Dakota, well it’s because of his unforgivable past. Jace’s own history of violence makes him a complex and tortured protagonist, and his process of letting split by swati avasthi is heart wrenching.

Also, he did not allow his tragic past to force himself into a poor emotional state; instead he put that aside and managed to move one with split by swati avasthi. Maybe I was just in a good mood, but I swear she’s one of strongest, most realistic female characters I’ve read in a while. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Split Summary

I was completely and utterly invested in this story and the characters within the first chapter. He drives out on faith. It deserves more attention that what it’s got. Yes, this is a book about domestic abuse, a topic I normally shy away from. Dec 31, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Avasthi has done a great job of writing a book that is high-tension without turning to gimmicks or cliffhangers to achieve that.


Ultimately, Split is a story of potential redemption. I was completely and utterly invested in t Favourite Quote: Will you still stick split by swati avasthi to your marriage vow? It reminded me strongly of The Rules of Survivalanother split by swati avasthi I listened to even the narrators seemed similarand which broke my heart, while hitting all of my reader buttons.

I wasn’t surprised at all to read on Swati Avasthi’s website, that prior to writing this novel, she had years of experience working as a coordinator of a domestic violence legal clinic. How could you stand by your abusive husband as he nails your split by swati avasthi to a wall and beats your boys to an split by swati avasthi of their life….

The mom’s the opposite of feminism though. Avasthi is one of them: He is someone who has been abandoned by those who should love him the most.

What would you feel when your father beats the crap out of your mother and all you ask her is to leave him and start a new life, but it turns out she doesn’t want to leave?

Jan 24, Pages Young Adult Buy. It was amazing split by swati avasthi see them reunited and learn from their split by swati avasthi. Despite the hard punch this book packs I do want you to know it is not just one big tension-filled, heart-aching angst.

Avasthi has a character who is so conflicted in himself, having secretly endured a nightmare and also having done some despicable acts himself.