Qwixx All I think I’m in love with Qwixx. No really, this has quickly moved to the tip- top Be sure to read the instructions before you play as there are some rules I. Qwixx is an easy game to learn how to play. Use and find the official rules here. 4 Jul GameWright has made some amazingly fun games but Quixx might just 1 Green Die, 1 Blue Die, 1 Yellow Die, 1 Score Pad, 1 Set of Rules.

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It wwixx just as well with 2 players as it does with 5. My daughter is 3 and cannot play but she likes rolling dice.

If you lock out the red and I lock out the yellow using the white dice, the game is over. In these cases you take what is called a Penalty. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Say that number out loud because all players get to choose whether they want to check off that number on their Score Sheet. I hope that clears things up, let us know if you have any more questions!

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: You could also just use the score sheet as it is and give her options to check off numbers rlues you add up. The rulfs is to score the most points. August 31, at 2: Making an X is also important since you can help with the scoring part afterwards. Does this make sense? We let her use a score board sometimes or a copy of one roll the dice to check off a number.


Quixx: A dice game that is part luck and part strategy but all fun | Adventures with My Geeklings

June 27, at 4: We just started playing thu as game and love it and this situation did happen. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your email address will not be published. The dice are standard dice except 2 are White and the other 4 are Red, Green, Yellow and Blue and the score sheets are just a pad of paper scoresheets.

On your turn you must take a number or take a penalty worth -5 at the end of the game. There are a few things to know about the game before you play though. Player with the highest score wins! If you are looking for a new family game or qwix portable game or a game to bring your teens back to the table this is perfect for you!

Once 1 Player marks 4 Penalties the game is over.

Choose who goes first. My son is 5 and can play by normal rules but he has learned to identify numbers and add using the dice. Who gets to lock the box and get the extra marked box if more than one player can use the 12 or 2 that is rolled and have 5 rulss already marked? The game ends when 2 rows have been locked out by a player crossing off the 12 or 2 at the far right of the score pad, or someone has 4 penalties. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Game Reviews by sandyz. February 20, at 9: You will never have a x13 because the number combinations start at 2 and not 1.

Qwixx Game Rules

Any special rules on locking out …whether you are the roller or other player? Here is the part where I try to explain how to play the game without confusing you too much.


When you cross off the numbers you HAVE to go from Left to Right and cannot go back once you have crossed off a number. Can both lock out on the same color at the same time if using the white dice? You count up how many numbers are crossed off in each row and score accordingly.

January 2, at If multiple players lock the same row on the same turn using the same dice, everyone gets to mark the final number and the lock. My husband and I have now included Quixx into our game nights and I take it with me for quick lunch time games. Then mark it with an X and then you also mark the Lock symbol in that same Color Row. Notify me of new posts by email. I have 5 blocks checked on red so I am using the 12 on red and locking that color.

Great, glad we could help! Also, let me ask one more question. January 27, at 8: Those are the highlights and the player with the highest score wins. So if you had a white 3 and a red 6 you could cross off a 9 in your red row. Then I will explain how you can adjust for younger kids but be careful of anyone who puts things in their mouths.

Portable and with a flip top lid.