KENTON KNEPPER & MARK TOWNSEND, CARDS OF INFLUENCE RON MARTIN . KENTON KNEPPER, PERFECTED PREDICTION PHANTOMAS. You will predict daily events in your every day life. . The first groundbreaking works by Kenton Knepper’s Famous Students; Works by .. Perfected Prediction. Products by Kenton Knepper Perfected Prediction Devious and easy to do sealed predictions; Extra goodies including cloud busting on a business card.

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I’ve come up with a method that works better for me and doesn’t seem to arouse suspicion. In all honesty – the routine is dead easy except for the switch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This same paper is sealed in an envelope.

Suit Cut to Orde. They may emboss something more on their own letterhead too or have a notary do so. No funny business opening up the prediction.

Perfected Prediction by Kenton Knepper

However, all the Kentonism’s probably are worth the price alone anyways. The very work I have used to fool audiences and peers alike. The audience and committee are entirely fooled. You just should take it away with you perfceted bring it back later as is the case with several HPs.

When I say switch, I don’t mean the paper is replaced with another for the revelation. Although there is a way you could do it in the same day, it might not work as well. Magicians View the range.


Like Kolossal Killer, I am finally going to release it – for those willing to read. You flash what you have pegfected, but obviously do not let the people see exactly what you have predicted yet.

Since we can switch the letter, why not do it and circumvent the whole problem. I’m a big fan of headline predictions and this may be the best one I’ve come across. The audience and committee are entirely fooled. They bring their own letterhead. This same paper is sealed in an envelope. Accessories View the range.

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He is a Wizard. Little Door by R.

Sie selbst sehen diese zu keinem Mom I say you can’t beat that! There is a little secret something needed that can be bought for one or two predictiin. The material can be performed as very realistic, intense, educational, weir The paper you and they write on originally is the same paper they read and open in the show.

While this one does NOT use the methodology of perfecte PP, it is a nearly impromptu envelope prediction that can be done on the spur of the moment, while making it strongly appear to everyone that the envelope has been securely guarded and impossible to tamper with. MOJave New user 95 Posts. Two cards are freely chosen. No sleight of hand. I have to repeat, though, that I feel the switch is very important. I have read the ads of the perfected prediction and I feel they might be misleading They may emboss something more on their own letterhead too or have a notary do so.


If you could dream up the best scenario for yourself as a performer and for your audience – you’d end up at this same conclusion. Any detailed review would re-hash the write-up. I personally feel the effect wouldn’t be nearly as strong without a switch. They can add stickers, etc. I prefer being a little vague so as to avoid questions like “Why haven’t you won the lottery? During the show some of kenyon people who signed the prediction come forward with the envelope.

I probably thought that the method suggested was weaker than the effect deserved. The Other Brothers You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.

Predjction effects and bonus work is included using this secret. They open the prediction themselves. Like ‘Killer’ it is only [25] pages long. Rants 2 is everything its predecessor was and more.

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Apr 9, It doesn’t matter what the Post Office puts on the envelope, since you will be replacing it with a NEW envelope. Books View the range. Perfected Prediction by Lerfected Knepper You meet with bookers, steering committee or what have you.