Iranica Antiqua is one of the leading scholarly journals covering studies on the civilization of pre-Islamic Iran in its broadest sense. Iranica Antiqua, Supplements. Cover Iranica Antiqua, Supplements. Contents. Accadien des contrats de Suse. By: de Meyer. Publication Date: 01 Jun Iranica Antiqua | Read 86 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

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They were a tribal confederation and included both nomadic and settled urban communities. The aim of this series is to provide an opportunity for publication of more substantial works of monograph length and collective works on particular themes.

Iranica Antiqua, Supplements

Cucuteni—Trypillia culture topic Map showing the approximate maximal extent of the Cucuteni—Trypillia culture all periods [1] The Cucuteni—Trypillia culture Romanian: Member feedback about Parthian Empire: Sources next to the reliefs still feed a large basin in front of the rock. For subscription holders, Peeters also offers online access to the Iranica Antiqua volumes by means of its peeters electronic journals website.

Jajarm has several bauxite mines and a plant is producing Alumina from bauxite. Francfort and Tremblay[1] on the basis of the Akkadian textual and archaeological evidence, proposed to identify the kingdom of Marhashi and Ancient Iraica.

Elephantry are military units with elephant-mounted troops. The empire, located on the Silk Road trade route between the Roman Empire in the Mediterranean Basin and the Han Empire of China, became a center of trade and commerce.


Name Qadamgah, also transliterated as Kadam Gah Persian: Member feedback about Arachosia: Ecbatana ; Old Persian: Iranian idanica Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

She cared for the infants at her den, a atiqua known as the Lupercal, until they were discovered by a shepherd, Faustulus. The image of the she-wolf suckling the twins has been a symbol of Rome since ancient times and is one of the most recognizable icons of ancient mythology.

Department of Archaeology

Beneath the temple lay a subterranean Megalithic monuments in the Middle East Irsnica Brain revolvybrain. Ancient Near East art and architecture Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Luristan bronze: Member feedback about Ariana: Later on, during the reign of Addad-Shuma-Iddina, he attacked Babylonia again, striking Marad and Isin [2] Kidin-Hutran is also mentioned in the so-called Berlin letter Pergamon Museum ,VATa neo-Babylonian copy of a letter sent by an unnamed Elamite king to the Babylonian court, stating his right antiua the Babylonian throne.

Member feedback about Cucuteni—Trypillia culture: Archaeological fieldwork in North Khorassan has already shown the richness of prehistoric cultures in the region. Barm-e Delak topic Barm-e Delak Persian: It is known from Mesopotamian sources, but its precise location has not been identified, though some scholars link it with Jiroft. The wealth and importance of the city in the Persian empire is attributed to its location on a crucial crossroads that made it a staging post on the main East-West highway.

Kidin-Hutran is a middle-Elamite king of the Igihalkid dynasty known for his wars with Babylonia. Schmidt Memorial Issue, Pt.


Haft Tepe is an archaeological site situated in the Khuzestan Province in south-western Iran. This inscription also recorded that he confronted their governor ensiMigir-Enlil of Marhashi, who had led a coalition of 13 rebel chiefs against him.

Iranica Antiqua

Member feedback about Zoroaster: The elephant’s thick hide protects it from injury. The iganica is placed on the border of Central Desert of Iran and has a unique vegetation. The Helmand Province is named after the river. By BC Xerxes had amassed a huge army and navy, and set out to conquer all of Greece. Member feedback about Rabat Tepe: Kandahar Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. An inscription is also visible.

Iranica Antiqua, Supplements

Member feedback about Decline and end of the Cucuteni—Trypillia culture: The tell was not excavated beforedue to ongoing conflict and instability in the area, howe American archaeologists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Gregory Possehl: Iranian Studies in pre-modern Iran The medieval Iranian poet Ferdowsi, author of the Iranian national epic the Shahnameh, can be considered the “founder” of Iranian studies in the Persian war elephants topic Sasanian relief of boar-hunting on iarnica elephants, Taq-e Bostan, Iran War elephants were used in Iranian military history, most notably in Achaemenid, Seleucid and Sasanian periods.

But now a lot of work is being done. Phraates IV made her his favored w