Hugo Klajn is the author of Osnovni problemi režije ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) and Frojd, Psihoanaliza I Literaturaizabrani. ABNORMALNOSTI NORMALNIH – Tri predavanja iz primenjene psihopatologije sa 12 slika. by Dr. Hugo Klajn. Currently unavailable. Ratna neuroza Jugoslovena [Hugo Klajn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In post-war Yugoslavia language issues, like everything else, were under the control of the Communist Party, and the first open disputes started emerging only with the awakening of Croatian nationalism during Croatian Spring inand later.

Views View Edit History. Retrieved from ” https: His views on languagerelated issues that emerged after the disintegration of SFR Yugoslavia are invaluable.

Is the correct use of language as big a problem in countries with a long cultural tradition such as England, France, Germany and Italy? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Since he starts writing weekly columns on the problems of modern Serbo-Croatianfirst in Borbaand afterward in Politika and NIN.

There are plenty of similar examples. In he became an associate member and in a fully fledged jlajn of SANU. Then there is the criterion of intelligibility.

Or is it richer? They were also to publish a multi-volume dictionary of contemporary Serbo-Croat and compile common terminology this never even started. Three rather logical projects were agreed in Novi Sad in Hugo Klajn — psychoanalyst, theatre director, lecturer, and literary scholar — is one of the more intriguing characters in Yugoslav medical history. Whether we have an appropriate name for each of these novelties, is another question.

After graduation, he started working at the same faculty, becoming a regular professor of the Italian language and the comparative grammar of Romance languages. The following page uses this file: In our case, mutual intelligibility is well over 90 per cent. This is why the revived Croatian norm now requires that even international words such as ambassador or patrol, known to every Croat since the beginning of time, be replaced by coined Croatian words veleposlanik and ophodnja, respectively.


He is the editor-in-chief of the linguistic journal Jezik danas ‘Language today’published by Matica srpska.

The Mysterious Career Change of Hugo Klajn | CEEHM Network

I n Croatia, however, the traditional Croatian purism, which was born out of protest against the German influence at the time when Croatia used to belong to Austria, is as powerful as ever. When the violence eventually died down, the new government put him to work at Kovin Hospital where be studied the mystifying psychiatric symptoms exhibited by partisans returning from battle.

The exact reasons for this abrupt career change, however, are somewhat shrouded in controversy. This page was last edited on 27 Julyat His achievements and contributions to Yugoslav psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis were eventually recognised with honorary membership in both the Assembly of Croatian Doctors and Association of Yugoslav Psychotherapists.

It has caused quite a stir in the countries in the region it concerns — BiH, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. What is your opinion of the recent Declaration on the Common Language? To avoid detection, he began using the pseudonym Uros Kljajic whenever he left the home.

The most widely-accepted in Slavistics was Serbo-Croatian with possible variants for domestic use: The Embroidered Expressions of Pahari Women. So the only thing that remains is to protect Cyrillic as a cultural good, to make it compulsory in official and public documents, to give an incentive to publishers who still publish in Cyrillic. He translated a number of books from Italian and English.

However, I think that Politika, the oldest newspaper in the Balkans with a serious cultural tradition, takes first place. Not that long ago it was customary to credit the copy editor in the impressum.

Born to a Jewish merchant family in Vukovar at the end of the nineteenth century, Klajn went on to study medicine with some of the most famous figures in recent medical history including Julius Wagner-Jauregg and Emil Kraepelin. Through his paternal family, which lived in Vukovar for generations, he is of Croatian – Jewish descent. This is why these problems should be solved by politicians and lawyers while the linguists should provide expert assistance What is your opinion of the recent Declaration on the Common Language?


The Dictionary of Language Conundrums, published by various publishers, has had eleven editions while his Italian-Serbian Dictionary has had five In he became an associate member and in a fully fledged member of SANU.

kajn Public domain Public domain false false. Bulgarians regarded it as a dialect of their own language while Serbs considered it a dialect of southern Serbia, although in reality it is a transitory type of language: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Hugo Klajn – IMDb

Although keen on the position, he was reluctant to give up his clinical work and Djilas relented by allowing him to split his time between the positions. He then went on to write for Ilustrovana politika, the culture supplement of Politika and for NIN, whose contributor he has been the longest, since the early s until today. He was introduced to foreign languages by his parents.

Beside Romance Studies, his interest also lies in the language morphologylinguistic consultancy and the standardization of the modern Serbian language. He started writing about the modern Serbian language for Borba in Klajn went on to enjoy an immense career as a theatre director, poet, musician, lecturer, and expert on Shakespeare.

Language Is His Weapon

Sadly, in the early s the Croatian Spring was born, chauvinist aspirations took over in Matica hrvatska and the Croats stopped working on the dictionary koajn its second volume while Matica srpska completed it, publishing its six volumes inand more recently, inits one-volume version. In the post-war period, Ribnikar also filled various important roles in the new government.

Monday, December 31, The logic and the facts of the Declaration should be integrated into legislation as much as possible.