We have free GRE word list practice questions, Try our scientifically might even decide to change a synonym question to an antonym question and vice versa. Barrons Synonyms and Antonyms – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF Word List of Synonyms and Antonyms GRE Mnemonic Vocabulary List. More than words with usage for GRE Exam. Use this list to get a top score in GRE Verbal Test. Download pdf file for free!.

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What we have done is, categorize and list the words according to themes like nature, mood, feelings, attitudes, interaction, actions, places etc.

Usage — Children dwelling in abject poverty. Usage — Gelatin is amorphous until it is placed in a mold. Saya Charming July 31, at 6: Antonyks — Amity between the two nation will contribute to the prosperity of the region.

Usage — Ample parking for two or three cars.

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Synonyms — betterimprovemeliorate, amend, help, upgrade. Constantly changing mood or volatility [Synonym: A List Posted on February 5, by grepicture. This mindless cramming will get you only so far. Usage — They suspected an ambush. Memorizing vocabularies are not the smart way to improve your synlnyms in vocabulary.

Try This PDF:   DIN 18218 DOWNLOAD

Smart GRE word list The test synobyms Remembers the words you get incorrect, and presents that word to you again, after a few questions, till you get that word’s meaning correct. Antonyms — Love, liking, admiration, affection, infatuation, idolatry.

Taking such tests is necessary to get admission in preferred colleges. Usage — Lets try to amend our relationship.

Usage — The wave amplitude varies from zero nodes to a maximum, half way between the nodes. Antonyms — blemish, corrupt, debase, depress, harm, impair, injure, mar, reduce, subtract, worsen. In fact, all of your posts are. Synonyms — aid, assist, support, encourage, incite, instigate.

GRE Word List – important words

Synonyms — amphibious Antonyms — aquatic, terrestrial. However if you can’t guess it, don’t worry apart from the listed GRE words there are lots of examples involving the word usage that ultimately helps you remember and retain the word. The sentence completion type gre word list with synonyms and antonyms questions and the verbal section in general depends greatly on having a good vocabulary. Diffcult but important words- Most people find these more difficult than other words.


Enter your email address: Usage — Something is amiss.

GRE Vocabulary Wordlist – Antonyms, Synonyms

Antonyms — irresponsible, not responsible, unaccountable, unanswerable, unchargeable, intractable, nonconforming, uncooperative, unwilling. Antonyms — discord, dislike, hatred, hostility. Usage — It can be ameliorated by prior treatment with a pulse of corticosteroids. GRE words are of immense importance to all aspirants. Antonyms You will have to choose the word that is opposite to the meaning of word in question.

Theme based GRE Word List

Synonyms — absolution, condonation, excuse, forgiveness, pardon, remission. You will be shown a list of synonyms and antonyms to the word in question. Gregor Renk February 22, at 2: Priya January 29, at Usage — He felt abased when his clothes were removed.

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