PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos. As our consoles are forced to do more and more each generation, we are seeing a decrease in their. PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos. STEP Now using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air blower get rid of all dust build up in the. 15 Feb Update June 19, The YLOD has struck again! During You should be able to follow along with Gilsky’s YouTube video and fix your own.

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That is, until now. Based off of our results we have mainly used this repair to be able to go in and recover data and deactivate systems.

Just screw screws as tight you can get yld with reasonable force. Disclaimer SEMPER T Ggilksy in no way guarantees that your system will be repaired using this process and requires users of this guide to read and accept our disclaimer that is provided on our main repair page.

Now its time gikksy apply new heat sink compound to the 2 processors, when doing this its always best to follow the manufacturers instructions but I believe the process is the same with all types please check instructions that come with pastebefore continuing Search Icon Search for: I tried various things shim etc.

YLOD Repair Guide

Hinge case towards you until disengaged and then tilt towards the left. Place the ps3 mother board on a flat heat resistive surface kitchen work top or melamine shelf will be fine. Now repeat on the other processor. The most complicated part is disassembling the PlayStation 3. It was much easier than I expected, significantly less complicated and puzzle-like than the PlayStation 2. See below Gilkst 3. Turn heat gun on and set temperature to deg and the fan speed to low to high and it will move the surface mount bits.

Ylox small ribbon lift tab and remove control panel. Due to the nature of this repair we recommend that you be at least somewhat tech savy and be a good DIY type of person. If this is the first reflow on the console you are working on, then fluxing is generally not necessary as the solder still should contain enough flux for a good reflow.


PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos

Clean off old heat sink compound from the 2 mainprocessors using Isopropyl alcohol making sure all traces ypod the old heat sink compound has gone.

Heat sink rubber pads still on in this picture remove before reflowing also hold ribbons out of way while reflowing Congratulations!! Now remove the wide ribbon from connector lift tab unscrew the four screws on the Bluetooth board and remove. Most of the systems we have repaired have lasted a minimum of 15 more hours of playtime before the repair had to be done again or we simply scrapped the system. Before removal of psu unplug small bnc connector gilsy wire and remove tape on side of psu, now lift off psu.

Please follow this link to gilksy’s youtube channel and you will find a link there to donate directly to gilksy for his excellent work and continued research into the PS3. Adding these washers have been enough for all PS3s I have come across. Once cleaned you should now have a nice pile of bits that looks something like this, see below. If your are reading this guide, then you are obviously in a difficult situation, or you are preparing for when you are in a tough spot.

Remove all Phillips screws marked noting size and position. Hinge case towards you until disengaged and then tilt towards the left. This repair for YLOD was come up with by “gilksy”. Heat sink compound still on in this picture, remove before reflowing.

This will invalidate any warranty. You can’t screw them too tight because of type of the screws. If however your system has needed to be reflowed a second or more times you will probably need to flux the BGA’s in order to acheive positive results from the reflow.

It’s fairly easy and you can find tutorials for it from this site or youtube and I don’t cover it here. Flat blade screw driver or slotted torx bit.


PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos

Heat gun temperature controlled preferably. I probably paid less for my 85g tube than I would have paid for a tiny vilksy. The YLOD has struck again!

Originally posted on our forums, user Gilksy created a step by step guide to assist his fellow gamers, only to have the information thought to be lost in the annuals of time. Remove all Phillips screws marked noting size and position. After 15 to 20 seconds move onto the next area.

Isopropyl Alcohol for thermal paste cleanup. Please check out our PS3 BGA Fluxing page with another great video provided by gilksy, for instructions and information about fluxing your board. Use syringe supplied and dispense a small worm of compound from top to bottom on ylov left hand side of processor chip, now using credit card supplied spread compound evenly and thinly over processor face to much is bad and not enough is also gikksy the ideal amount is when you can almost see through the paste.

Remove 5 screws and the earth wire screw on psu, and unplug ylox plug.

Unscrew blue hard drive screw and disengage hard drive by sliding towards gap tlod the bay. I did it myself. Check the top metal cover plate underside for burn-in marks, as you can see below this ps3 got very hot before it yloded!

I recommend using turn by turn technic so that both screws gets about same amount pressure whole time. Heat sink plates before heat sink compound removed dusty.

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I have my own hypothesis, and I only found two clues to support my thinking. This guide was developed using a 60gb model, remember that bilksy models may be slightly different to disassemble.

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