The FAA prefers users to file ICAO format flight plans for all flights. Use FAA Form – Information needed when filing this form is. Please note that some of the Adobe PDF forms are not fillable, while others can only Flight Plan; Pre-Flight Pilot Checklist and. this form will be included in a Privacy Act System of Records known as DOT/FAA , titled “Aviation Records on Individuals” and will FAA Form (7/15).

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Runway Alignment Indicator Lights. In the event of a predicted, continuous loss of RAIM of more than five 5 minutes for any part of the intended flight, the flight should be delayed, canceled, or re-routed where RAIM requirements can be met. Estimate en route position times.

If more than one airway or jet route is to be used, clearly indicate points of transition. The AIM in sectionstates: Enter the departure airport identifier code or the airport name, city and fax, if the identifier is unknown.

It is recommended that you forward these revisions to the nearest FSS.

Flight Plans: Don’t Leave Home Without One

File a flight plan. Items of a personal nature are not accepted.

ATC issues clearances based on filed suffixes. Only those navigational aids established for use in a particular structure; i. Additionally, there may be times when an advisory is not faaa due to workload or the short length of time of the activity.


El Paso Intl Airport. Believe it or not, you’ll still encounter impatient pilots who fail to file a VFR flight plan because it’s easier to take off to their destination without taking the time or energy to file a plan 72333-4 their Flight Service Station FSS.

These aids are depicted on enroute low altitude charts. Round Robin Flight Plans to Mexico are not accepted. The FSS will hold plans for one hour. This information is not normally furnished during your briefing.

After you establish communication, request that the plan be opened, provide them with your departure time, and that’s it. These areas of airspace are expressed in terms of cylindrical service volumes of specified dimensions called “class limits” or “categories.


ICAO Flight Plans and FAA Form

This is especially true in mountainous terrain, where there is usually very little ground reference. Specify an alternate airport if desired. Class B Surface Area. Airport Traffic Control Tower. Make accurate and frequent position reports to the FSSs along your route of flight. The following two examples illustrate the need to specify the transition point when two routes share more than one transition fix. Filers desiring assignment of these procedures should file using FAA Form International Flight Planas described in paragraph Enter your computed true airspeed TAS.

When a flight plan indicates IFR for the first portion of flight and VFR for the latter portion, the pilot will normally be cleared to the point at which the change is proposed. Localizer Type Directional Aid. Enter the destination airport identifier code or name if the identifier is unknown.


Insert name of pilot-in-command. IFR flight plan form domestic and international. You normally do this through the FSS that serves your departure airport, but if communication difficulties prevent this, call another FSS.

See TBL for a listing of the most commonly used contractions. When landing at an airport with a functioning control tower, IFR flight plans are automatically canceled.

Low Intensity Runway Edge Lights. Use the navigation aids. Back to Top of this Page.

This means that when you file a domestic flight plan, you won’t be fsa for RNAV departure or arrival procedures, but you can still be assigned conventional non-RNAV procedures. In such cases, the pilot is advised to contact the nearest FSS for the purpose of filing the flight plan.

It is vitally important that the route of flight be accurately and completely described in the flight plan. Insert color of dinghies if carried. TBL Aircraft Suffixes. Caa fixes automatically become compulsory reporting points for the flight, unless advised otherwise by ATC. Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Class E Surface Area.