This document is intended for use with IBM Cognos Event Studio. Event Our documentation includes user guides, getting started guides, new features guides, . This document is intended for use with Cognos Event Studio. Event Studio is a Web-based product for creating and managing agents that monitor data and. IBM Cognos Event Studio Version User Guide Note Before using this information and the product it supports, read the information in Notices on page Product.

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Use the Preview usee to display the data that satisfies the event condition as a list report. Developers must give careful consideration to some of the points highlighted here: You can now define a schedule for the Agent view that is different from the original agent view schedule.

The task is then performed only for events that are of interest to the sales manager who is running the agent. As the manager of the Sample Outdoor Company, you are required to approve the accuracy of a report before it is distributed to the sales representatives.

Results After this agent runs, you receive only one. Product Information This document applies More information. The event evvent is typically a query expression, similar to an expression you create to define a filter in Report Studio.

News Item Notifications A news item task publishes a headline to a folder whose contents can be viewed in an IBM Cognos Navigator portlet and in any folder view. You can add data items to the subject line to display values dynamically by utilizing data from the package. Optionally, in the actions column of the agent studlo, click the Schedule icon to specify a different schedule than the original agent or to select alternate prompt values.


You do all the things a sales person does, and you wait for the monthly sales results to arrive.

IBM Knowledge Center

At the end of the expression, type a comma after the member reference. It is important to correctly specify which event statuses should cause the agent to perform the report task.

Event Studio is a web-based product for creating and managing agents that monitor data and perform tasks when the data meets predefined thresholds. Results The destination address is changed to your address so that the agent sends s to you. Specify the start date and time when you want the schedule to start via the Start option. The information and ideas herein may not be disclosed to any unauthorized individuals More information. The four areas are shown in the following example.

IBM Cognos Event Studio Version User Guide

Remove the data items you do not want to use as the event key. You might find that a logical condition is not quite what you thought or that the threshold on a condition is set too high or too low. Specify the end date and time when you want the schedule for the agent to stop via the End option. Event Studio user interface work areas Insertable Objects Area The Insertable Objects area contains items that you can add to guie event condition and tasks.


Specify the event condition, or a change in data, that is important to you. This information enables the Cognos development team to automate the agent, if required.

IBM Cognos Event Studio Version User Guide – PDF

For each task in an agent, the event list is checked against the task execution rules. The task execution rules for the ELM Returns Agent sample specify that all tasks are performed for new events only. With the Jet Data Manager you can transform More information.

From the Actions menu, click Specify Event Condition. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Me Padam Singh View my coghos profile. To manually run the agent, perform the steps outlined in Figure 7. Event Studio interface is easy to use and consists of four main areas, as shown in Figure 7.

The information and ideas herein may not be disclosed to any unauthorized individuals. If a response is required from multiple task owners, a task must be specified for each owner. In Query Studio, you can. Analysis Studio helps you answer business questions by finding meaningful information in large data sources.

If it detects the event, the agent performs its tasks for events that meet the execution rules.