Beating the Caro Kann by Vassilios – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. I guess learning the caro-kann may help you beat it so /__Beating-the-Caro-Kann-_Kotronias_pag. Vassilios Kotronias is a chess grandmaster and former Greek Champion. He is a key member of the Greek team as both a player and coach. On the international.

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The Cutting Edge 2 – Sicilian Najdorf 6. Maxwell86 4, 1 beatimg Save on Other Books Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

Play the Scandinavian by Christian Bauer. The Benko Gambit by Jan Pinksi. The idea is to play 5.

Nge2, but then I don’t even know which variation to choose next kwnn all the available options. In this line as a whole as far as I can tell Black just can’t twiddle his pieces around behind the lines in normal Caro fashion until white falls to sleep – which is why I play it as white!

Usually, in the Caro-Kann, black is happy to exchange these bishops, therefore I didn’t consider this move. However, I am having one heck of a time busting this opening and turning it beatlng something that has effective play for White. But try taking control of the centre as soon as possible, but if you keep advancing pawns then off they go, plus develop your pieces sounds obvious but again it controls space and just lets loose the powerful bits and pieces on the board.


Batsford Chess Library: Beating Caro-Kann by Vassilios Kotronias (1994, Paperback)

Let’s put it simple: Any advice is more than welcome. Grandmaster Repertoire 11 – Beating 1. Grandmaster Repertoire 1 – 1. Challenging the Nimzo-Indian by David Vigorito. Chess Paperback Books in German. I guess learning the caro-kann may help you beat it so http: Petrosian, have a look at “Beating the Caro Kann” book from Kotdonias, he covers this variation in depth. In order to make a choice not necessarily from these two ideas, but in generalyou can look for some grandmaster games to see which variations lead caaro which type of positions.

Nge2 is the standard move.

Sign up using Facebook. I am relatively confident in my ability to outplay this gentleman if the line diverges from well-known bookwork, even though he is rated or points higher than me.

Books by Vassilios Kotronias

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The most popular reply is 5. Be the first to write a review. You can’t really get a slow position if White wants to launch all his kingside pawns! King’s Indian Warfare by Ilya Smirin. I am afraid your answer is kptronias general for this question, could provide some guidelines for the specific Caro-Kann line mentionned by the OP?


Beating the Caro-Kann (Kotronias)

That’s possible, but White doesn’t achieve much. Challenging the Grunfeld by Edward Dearing. However, I wonder how black should react after 7.

Perhaps you could try Buy Chessbase 14 and the latest Database and in partnership with some free engine, like Stockfish, to have assistance to every chess question. And so my kotroniass is: Nc3 which move tends to lead to the most positional, slow, solid and strategic positions? And if possible it needs to be played reasonably often by Grandmasters.