Aliaga and Gunderson () describe Quantitative research as “Explaining phenomena by collecting numerical data that are analysed using mathematically . collection and analysis of information is conducted utilizing “ mathematically based methods ” (Aliaga & Gunderson, ; cited in Muijs. The following definition, taken from Aliaga and Gunderson (), .. and Morison, K. () Research Methods in Education, 5th edn .

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In general, inquiries in qualitative researches are usually subjective and biased since humans and opinions are involved while for quantitative research, inquiries are objective and unbiased.

So it moves from the data to a theory. Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches.

Journal of documentation, 53 4Walton, S. Looking at the bright side: Log In Sign Up. His findings shows that there were differences in the features of their information seeking patterns but their behavioural characteristics were similar.

Making Decisions about a Population Mean with Confidence. Hence the data collected tend to be aggregated across individuals.

Interactive Statistics, 3rd Edition

Skip to main content. With its strong emphasis on data analysis, xliaga book seeks to make students better consumers of statistics and to give them the skills to understand and interpret statistical results using real data from newspapers and research journals.

StatCrunch Mobile, Intro Stats: New to This Edition. The experiences of the five companies illustrated the types of environmentally friendly practices used in each of these primary areas.


Researchers within the interpretivist paradigm are naturalistic. On the other hand, there is a better understanding of the problem in the case of quantitative approach.

Interactive Statistics, 2nd Edition. Policy data as anx social process: According to this paradigm the nature of inquiry is interpretive and the purpose of inquiry is to understand particular phenomenon, not to generalize to a population 20000, His study also identified the identical categories of information seeking behaviour of the research scientists and engineers to those of previous studies of academic researchers.

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Qualitative and Quantitative research approaches | Temitope Idowu –

In the field of civil and Environmental Engineering, Qualitative research approach method is being used in studying and investigating reasons, relationships, and phenomena and sometimes able to project likelihoods, and tendencies. However, when all criteria are fulfilled for the use of Delphi method, it is a quite effective research method for the civil, environmental and construction environment.

A Question of Methods or Epistemology. In his study, he explored the patterns of information gujderson by engineers and research scientists at a Norwegian research centre in different phases and types of projects.

Comparing Many Treatments Chapter Researchers aim at generating a complex, holistic view, at analysing and describing the Research Methodology standpoint of the subjects within a natural context Creswell Quantitative Research As the name implies, Quantitative research is based on the measurement of quantities i.

Martha Aliaga Brenda Gunderson. Qualitative research allows unlimited expression from respondents; quantitative research relies on responses to pre-formulated questions.

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Username Password Forgot your username or password? Ontological considerations Ontology has to do with the nature of being Crotty: The Foundations of Social Research: How to Measure Uncertainty with Probability. Remember me on this computer.

A Handbook of Media and Communications Research. In terms of the body of knowledge, qualitative research approach is exploratory as little is known about the problem but there 2000 a detailed understanding of a central phenomenon. A positive approach to qualitative policy and evaluation research. In other words, people make sense of their aliaag reality Fekede,hence results and facts are bound to be subjective as opposed to objectivism characterised of Quantitative research. Moor Press Bogdan, R.

To them reality is seen as a human construct and the research findings in qualitative methodology are usually reported descriptively using words Mutch, This is the epistemological assumption in quantitative research.

Aliaga & Gunderson, Interactive Statistics, 3rd Edition | Pearson

In qualitative research, the why and how of decision making are studied. Observation Studies and Experiments.

Epistemological considerations By definition, epistemology has to do with the body of knowledge, in particular its foundations, scope and validity. The green supply chain: Features of these information seeking patterns of the engineers and research scientists were also compared to that of previous studies. Its approach is generally idiographic: