The Remarkable Account of Ibn Fadlan . But the most important eyewitness account of the Rus is of Ahmed ibn Fadlan, a writer about whom little is known, but. Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of RussiaOverviewIn , the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan (fl. s) went on a diplomatic mission to what is now . Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan says: When а letter of al-Hasan son of Baltavar, the malik of Kipchaks, arrived to the ruler of the righteous al-Muktadir, in which he asked him .

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I saw many thunder-storms in their country, and if the thunder-storm will strike a house, they do not come near it and leave it as it is, and all that is in it, people and property and everything other, until time destroys it, and they say: Modern Language Association http: Then we closed our faces and said: Throughout the Middle Ages, travelers and pseudo-authorities claimed to have located Gog and Magog somewhere in Central Asia; Ibn Fadhlan, at least, reported this tale merely as a legend he had heard from others.

I saw that she was confused and wanted to enter the pavilion but put the head between it and the ship. When he is finished with the fuel, he sits on his malik bench together with the malik on his right side. And thus he renders him the greatest blessing and a favor. In that, his impressions contradict those of the Persian traveler Ibn Rustah.

As such, it represents the earliest notice of the customs and beliefs of the so-called “Rus” people. Al-Fadl ibn-Musa also agreed with ‘Abdallah ibn-Bashtu and others of our comrades who began to say: When we crossed them, we came to a tribe of the Turks known under a name al-Guzziya. Neil Schlager and Josh Lauer. She was handed another cup, which she took and sang for a long time, while the woman urged her to drink it and to enter the pavilion where her master lay.


Then he forsake his Islam. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So, when I arrived to that country, I asked malik about him.

The jewellery which they prize the most is the dark-green ceramic beads which they have aboard their boats and which they value very highly: The Ahmda Bulgars had moved into Eastern Europe from the frontiers of China during the sixth and seventh centuries, part of a great wave of migration that brought various Turkish peoples westward.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. And he began, took a knife and cut off a slice and ate it, and then a second, and the third, then cut a piece and handed it to the ambassador Susan, and when he received it a small table was brought to him and put in front of him.

The Travels of Ibn Fadlan

So, he left together with them on a ship. And when the Allah mighty and great would want to lead them to the inhabited lands, he will open the barrier and dry the sea, and the fish will end for them”. A substantial part of Ibn Fadhlan’s account is dedicated to the description of a people he called the Rus or Rusiyyah. Then the earth, creeping things, and worms devour them. fdalan


We said to him: When some time has passed, he sent for us and we came to him when he was in his tent. Translated by Glenn Ostling. Russo, the owner of the manuscript, was born inserved as a consul in Basra inas a general consul first in Aleppo inand then in Bagdad inand died in Tripolli Africa in He also describes religious and other practices, such as the burning of a dead lord on a boat, and alongside him his female slaves.

Front covers of four recent Arabic publications of Ibn Fadhlan’s narration of his ubn to Russia. Shmad Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.

These were the Volga Bulgars; another group of Bulgars had moved westward in the 6th century, invading the country that today bears their name, and became Christians. They took in their hands wood sticks of hadang white poplar and held them as oars, striking continuously, and the water carried their road bags and they were spinning until they crossed.


At night, the dogs come and eat it all, but the man who has done all this will say, “My Lord is pleased with me and has eaten my offering.

Ibn-Fadlan – “Risalya” – TurkicWorld

In August the embassy left for falan return trip. On 21 June 11 safar AHa diplomatic party led by Susan al-Rassi, a eunuch in the caliph’s court, left Baghdad.

This character sheet borrows elements of Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s character from both novel and movie, and blends them together. And what I think, is that Sultan is making tricks and sends these people to the Fsdlan to raise them to war against us, and my opinion is, let him Atrak cut these ambassadors into halves-and-halves everyone into halvesbin we shall take what they have”.

Arabic Wikisource has original text related to this article: Each woman has, on her breast, a small disc, tied around her neck, made of either iron, silver, copper or gold, in relation to her husband’s financial and social worth.

Everyone who has a wedding or calls a feast with invitations, has to make ahmaad tribute of products to the malik, depending on the size of the feast, and then he would bring for the guests the honey nabid and bad wheat, because their ground is black and smelly, and they do not have storing places where to keep their food, so they dig in the ground wells and keep food in them. So he honored us, gave us gifts, and arranged for us a stay. Old Arabic texts describe dirty Vikings July ahmar, – Inthe Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan fl.